Campy Valentine’s Day Elopement in Las Vegas

On the day of Sarah + Reuben’s Las Vegas elopement it snowed in southern Nevada, a weather event which typically only happens about once every 5 years. I think snow in the desert has to be a sign of good luck and an auspicious (albeit very cold) start to this marriage. If you look closely at the photos of their first look in the gardens of The Flamingo Hotel you can see the flurries coming down around Sarah + Reuben as they prepare to leave for their ceremony. 

The Vegas wedding ceremony took place in a vintage Cadillac and was officiated by Elvis (naturally). Many would see an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas as something silly (and it is, a little) but Sarah + Reuben’s ceremony in the Tunnel of Love was so heartfelt and emotional, with family, chosen and not, cheering and crying with them. 

I’ve known Reuben for about 14 years at this point and Sarah for around half that and it meant so much to me to be at their wedding as a photographer and a friend. Congratulations Sarah + Reuben!

Vendors: A Little White Wedding Chapel, Nate Smith Photography, The Flamingo Hotel

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